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Tax Preparation
Over Thirty years of expericen in Tax Preparation and Planning.  My Tax Dog is well equipped to provide you with outstanding tax prepration assistance for your business.  We are Tax Professionals not just Tax Preparers.  We also provide year-round service, not just during the Tax Season.  We can also assist you with IRS Issues, Prior Year Return Preparation, etc.
Our extensive experience and knowledge, we can prepare any type of Business Return, from Schedule C (Sole Propertietor), to the more complex Partnership returns, or Corporate Returns for both C and Sub S Corporations. 
Business Start Up Selection
Thinking about starting a business?
My Tax Dog can help you in choosing the best business model for your business.  We are also able to assit you in the organziation of your business on both the State and Federal level.  If you are interested in establishing a Limitied Libiabilty Corporation, we can provide you the knowledge and expertise to get you started on the Right Foot.

Entity Selection & Restructuring Advisement

Whether you're a new company or an existing company that is restructuring, choosing a business entity can be complicated.

Different business entities have different tax liabilities. These liabilities can affect your tax rate as business and as the individual who owns that business.

Selecting the wrong entity can cost you thousands of dollars.

Some entities offer pass-through taxation, and others do not.

The benefits of each entity differ drastically depending on how many owners own the business, how many employees work for the business, and what products or services the business offers.

Also entity selection benefits may vary depending on the state of incorporation.

There are many myths about the benefits of incorporating in different states, but if you are not aware of the actual laws you may be putting your company and your personal assets at risk.

It is always advisable to seek professional help when choosing a business entity.

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Full Charge Bookkeeping & Accounting Related Services
My Tax Dog prides itself on designing and implementing cost effective accounting and bookkeeping solutions for our business.  We focus on integrating your accounting system to insure that it also captures client information, sales tracking information, etc. in order to maximize your bottom line, with the least amount of duplication possible. 
Human Resources & Payrolling Services
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My Tax Dog's on staff experts in Human Resoures and related payrolling issues stand ready to assure that your company meets all state and federal guidelines, and tax related problems that sometimes arise in the small business human resourse field.
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